“It was really good to meet you and I enjoyed the experience very much. You’ve given me confidence that i am on the right lines and how best to accessorise.” – Shirley Armstrong, Halifax

“After struggling for years with knowing how to put outfits together and accessorising (not to mention several frustrating shopping trips!) I contacted Arash. His email communication before we met was professional and efficient and we met for a free consultation to discuss my needs. I proceeded with a wardrobe consultation and then a personal shop. The wardrobe consultation was extremely useful and without spending any money on new clothes I had a whole series of new outfits. I was surprised at times by the pieces he chose to use, things I hadn’t worn for ages or was considering throwing away. He identified through the consultation the items that it would be good for me to buy to compliment what I already had. The personal shop was really enjoyable (and I don’t usually enjoy shopping that much). Arash had already been and done a preshop and saved a number of items which meant the we had the maximum amount of time for trying on. I bought a number of new items but spent less than I thought.. I then received an electronic guide with numerous outfit possibilities including the items I already had and those I had bought together with suggestions for accessories and wardrobe advice. All in all it was a very positive experience and I would not hesitate to use Arash again. I really liked the style of clothes Arash recommended for me – classic and trendy.”Marsha, Leeds


“I had a great experience with the personal shop the original meeting to discuss what I wanted out of the time and go over what it will entail. The following week we went round a number of shops a lot of them I would not usually go to so was great to have a change and know I can find the clothes I like from these shops. Arash picked out some great clothes which I loved and bought quite a few they were ones which I would not choose for myself but looked great on. As a whole it was a brilliant experience and I now have wider perspective of the clothes that suit me!” – Michelle Woof, Leeds

“I really enjoyed the shopping experience.  We all had a fantastic day.  I loved the choice of tops that you found for me.  These were not my usual style, but I when I tried some of them on, they looked really lovely and if I can take one thing away from the experience, it would be that you have made me think outside the box when it comes to choosing clothes.  Instead of selecting t-shirt tops all the time, I feel more confident in trying on blouses and other designs such as the lovely blue top with the white polka dots and gathered front.  That was a beautiful garment.  It was just a pity that it was made up with chiffon – which is not very nice to touch (for me). I am really pleased with my final purchase – the lovely blue blouse with the zip front and quarter-length sleeves.  We had friends over that evening and my friend tried the blouse on and fell in love with it so much that she said she was going to pay a visit to Warehouse today and buy one for herself.” – Marilyn Marshall, Leeds


“I recently found Arash’s services online whilst looking for a personal shopper. I was really pleased with the very competitive charges but was even more pleased with the experience. I always struggle to find accessories for dresses such as shoes, bags etc and end up with a wardrobe of outfits that I never wear, so looked to Arash for help to find 3 pairs of shoes for 3 dresses, one of which was for a wedding. What I particularly liked was that I didn’t feel any pressure to buy anything and especially anything I didn’t feel fully comfortable with. Shopping with Arash was like shopping with a good friend but one who has a good eye for matching shoes, bags and clothes. He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and honest about what would work and what wouldn’t, without being pushy. He also listened to what I liked and didn’t like. I managed to find shoes & bags to match 2 of the dresses and went away with a very good idea of what I was looking for for the 3rddress. I would most definitely use Arash again and have already recommended his services to both friends and family.” –  Mychalina Saripo, Leeds


“I contacted Arash after researching various Image consultants online. Arash stood out to me, although I realized we were countries apart- as I reside in the U.S I needed someone to help me find the perfect look for my artist, rapper Ms Proper who is also my daughter. I was very impressed with how Arash researched Ms Proper’s style and the questions he asked in order to obtain a better vision of her style. Once we were sent the image profile-we were so excited with the outfits Arash put together! We feel the outfits that were put together will definetly help take Ms Proper’s career to the next level! I thank Arash for his perfessionalism, and I am glad that I reached out to him for help.” – Tanya Monroe, US


“I had been a good few years without making any major clothing purchases and when I recently went about trying to update my wardrobe I had no idea where to start. When I decided to get an image consultancy from Arash I had no idea what to expect. Straight off the bat was really impressed with the amount of effort, thoroughness and passion he has for his work. The consultancy was split into sections. The first, involved Arash personally going through my wardrobe helping me create and maximise the clothes I already had. It was eye opening to see how many combinations of out-fits already in my wardrobe that I never would have put together without his fashion expertise. I also learnt a lot of tips on fashion and how to properly maintain my wardrobe. The second part involved me meeting Arash to look a the clothes we felt I was looking for. It was very well organised and I felt he had really taken a lot of time and effort finding the selection. To end the consultation he sent me a personalised report to aid me in the creation of outfit combinations using both old and new clothes. All in all a very professional and friendly service I would recommend to anyone looking for some help achieving the style they want.”  – Ferhan Hussain, Leeds

“I met with Arash to ramp up my fashion knowledge. He opened my eyes to the most up-to-date fashion, guiding me through outlets I’d never noticed before. Through presenting me with different options he inspired me to think of different styles. This gave me the clarity I needed to decide upon the style I truly want. With the ideas in mind I only needed to buy few outfits, outfits that were my own personal style and so that I know will last long term. Arash showed me how to use basic but well fitting outfits to achieve a number of different styles through accessorising. The experience encouraged me to take a look at my own wardrobe. It was fun seeing how I can improve the outfits I had forgotten about. By adding a few extras and wearing them in a different way I can achieve the style I want at a minimal cost. If you want to know the latest trends or best shops in your city Arash is the guy to lead you on this journey.” – Michael Oxley, Leeds