About Arash

Who is Arash Mazinani?

I think it is important to know who your image consultant is on a personal level.

Your image is an expression of who you are and where you are at in your life, the person who helps you develop your image should complement the vision that you would like to realise. You should be able to feel completely comfortable with your image consultant. I have written a little bit about myself to give you an insight of who I am and how my personality shines through what I do. I love connecting with people and here is no different, I would love to connect with you, online, in person or over the phone so that we can get to know each other a little more and talk about how my styling can compliment your life.

I love to enjoy life

I love sharing jokes and laughing with friends and I’m probably a bit of a geek. I’m passionate about writing and aesthetics which translates to my love for style, I love to help people share my enthusiasm for style and I’m in my element doing this. Everybody is entitled to feel great about themselves and be the best person they can be, I love helping people realise their potential and hope to give people the opportunity to achieve this through my styling. I want people to be passionate about the way they look and then go on to share that passion and enthusiasm with everybody they meet.

My own journey

Started in my early twenties when I decided to give my own style a radical overhaul, I had no job and wore clothes that were way too large for me. I decided to find inspiration through fashion magazines and the stylish people I saw around me, before long my confidence grew, friends and family were giving me positive comments about the way I looked. I landed a job working at River Island where I developed my passion for putting clothes together within the short space of six months I had moved on to work at Harvey Nichols, first working with ladies contemporary and international fashion before becoming a personal shopping consultant in their exclusive personal shopping suite. Here I helped style fashion shows, sports stars and celebrities as well as their regular clients.

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We are all on a journey, each with their own purpose even if it is not always clear to us.

I believe part of my own journey is to share my passion and knowledge for styling, I love relating to people and getting to meet and work with new people continually. I love the smiles on their faces when they view their transformation, and their reactions to what I am able to pass on to them. I love being able to share something I care so much about with other people.

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